To create the facade of St. John Catholic Primary School in London, Tempio completed demolition works and designed a new, two-story new addition, whilst retaining the original 1960s school. The new site comfortably accommodates 2FE with 446 students enrolled at the school. Owing to the school’s prominent location the design includes a striking, colorful facade, constructed of 2,000 ceramic rods in six custom colors, unique to UK architecture. The design also incorporates a large glass corner feature, creating an impressive and prominent school identity, which is visible from the street.

The design further incorporates multiple sustainable and environmental systems, including low-energy systems such as energy saving lights powered by photovoltaic panels, which after five years, will break even from the initial cost, equating to free energy for the school. The low-carbon new school building incorporates super-insulation, high-efficiency boilers, solar thermal, under floor heating, heat recovery within the ventilation systems and heat pump technologies. Thus ensuring user comfort, whilst providing highly efficient, cost-saving solutions.