DEERFIELD BEACH, FL -- MAPEI’s Mapeheat™ radiant floor-heating systems are and have always been UL certified.

This means that the warmth you enjoy also brings with it peace of mind. Since MAPEI’s entry into floor heating in 2019, Mapeheat products have met UL’s rigorous safety and sustainability standards. That trusted, third party assurance is also backed by the Mapeheat system lifetime warranty, which includes the Mapeheat Cable, a component that not all suppliers’ lifetime warranties cover. Further, with technology from nVent Nuheat, Mapeheat’s technology has been tried and tested for more than 25 years. It is a proven system that you can trust.

“Mapeheat systems offer the only system on the market with a WiFi thermostat [Mapeheat Thermo Connect] that integrates with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT,” explained Sonya Moste, MAPEI’s product manager of crack isolation, sound reduction and floor heating membranes. “These are the only systems that offer pre-wired, custom mat technology. And Mapeheat has the only radiant floor heating systems on the market that offer customers a choice of either an ultra-thin, pre-wired mat or a cable/membrane solution.”

In the uncoupling membrane industry, the Mapeheat Membrane itself is unique. It does not have mortar hydration vents. “This allows the Mapeheat Membrane to be used for waterproofing, in addition to uncoupling and properly holding the Mapeheat heating cable in place,” Moste said. “In fact, the Mapeheat cable splice and termination joint snaps snugly into the Mapeheat uncoupling membrane, with no need to channel a groove into the membrane to enable the joint to fit flush with the top of the membrane.”

The Mapeheat Cable splice also has always firmly snapped into the Mapeheat Membrane. As Moste explained, this is an important distinction. “A splice is the most robust way to connect two cables, so making a splice that fits into a membrane is the best possible solution but, hey, we get that’s really hard and not everyone can do it,” she said. “Utilizing the latest technologies, the Mapeheat systems provide comfort and peace of mind. With multiple certifications and backed by MAPEI’s lifetime system warranty, they are truly the best that the industry has to offer.”