Atlantis Gastrobar is a 248-square-foot gastropub located in Barcelona’s Sant Antoni neighborhood. Known for its contemporary coffee and brunch spots, Sant Antoni is positioned in the Eixample district, one of the oldest and most popular areas of the city.

To highlight its locally sourced fish and seafood offerings, Atlantis Gastrobar was designed using white- and blue-colored ceramic tiles from two local tile manufacturers, Ceràmica Ferrés and Cerámica Vilar Álbaro S.L.

“The main goal of the project was to create an atmosphere that connects you with the sea, with fresh products and with the old neighborhood fishmongers,” said Arantxa Manrique, principal at Arantxa Manrique Arquitectes in Barcelona, Spain. “The client wanted a bar of cold seafood tapas and good, fresh products of the day.”

For the walls of the gastropub, about 1,600 pieces of white ceramic tiles from Cerámica Vilar Álbaro S.L. were used in a vertical format, which are complemented by 250 pieces of three-dimensional, curved, royal blue ceramic tiles from Ceràmica Ferrés on the semi-circular bar at the forefront of the space.

“We had a clear idea for the tiles from the beginning,” Manrique explained. “The white tile in the whole general scene transported us to the old fishmongers and the ‘clean’ concept; that is, although raw fish is sold, it is good because it is clean. The blue tile transported us to the sea, particularly to the Mediterranean. It is a very characteristic color of the brand that makes the tiles [Ceràmica Ferrés], which was present throughout my childhood and takes me to that place [the sea]. The choice that this piece should be curved arose when I decided that the bar should be circular in order to accommodate more guests in less space.”

Since the gastropub has such a small footprint, ensuring all of the necessary regulations were met was a bit of a challenge. However, matching the tile joints for the white tile to the blue color of the bar tile was of utmost importance, according to Manrique. “I wanted them [the joints] to be the same color as the blue tile, but it didn’t exist on the market,” the architect said. “I was researching the color for days in the studio because it was not an exact RAL color and was onsite for three days doing color tests to find the definitive color.”

The construction of the gastropub only took around three months, for which Manrique was onsite daily to ensure everything was going according to plan. “During those three months, I was supervising the work every day, several times a day,” she said. “I personally coordinated the industrialists and that made me more implicated and more present on the site, allowing me to see and resolve every little detail.”

Since Atlantis Gastrobar’s completion, it has received rave reviews and various accolades, including the grand prize in the “interior design” category at 2020 Tile of Spain Awards.

“The project has been very well received,” Manrique said. “The client was very satisfied. In addition, it has been an awarded work: a finalist in the 2019 FAD interior design awards, the AJACXII award for young architects from the College of Architects of Catalonia and now the ASCER Ceramic Award [Tile of Spain Award].”

Atlantis Gastrobar

Barcelona, Spain

Architect: Arantxa Manrique Arquitectes, Barcelona, Spain

General Contractor/Tile Supplier: Classico 45 Interiorismo, Zaragoza, Spain (Ceràmica Ferrés, Corçà, Girona, Spain; Cerámica Vilar Álbaro S.L., Sant Joan de Moró, Castellón, Spain)

Engineers: AIA Activitats Instal·lacions Arquitectòniques, Barcelona, Spain; Arsenio Alcalá, Barcelona, Spain

Collaborator: Sara Serrano, Barcelona, Spain