NEW YORK, NY -- As Earth Day approaches, we’re reminded that designing and sourcing high-quality products from recycled sources is one of the few ways to commit to greener initiatives. For a leading North American tile design resource, Walker Zanger, that commitment to green products is seen through their increased use of materials like recycled glass. An eco-friendly material that also uses inkjet application for precise designs, recycled glass has the ability to replicate the look of other less durable materials.

Walker Zanger recently introduced Walker Zanger Studio, an affordable luxury line of tiles that includes a collection made of recycled glass. Offering clean sophistication for the hardest working spaces, Walker Zanger Studio’s glass tiles meet the current demand for intricately designed, cost-effective and recycled materials.

The recycled glass tiles are produced by melting down waste glass in furnaces heated to a temperature exceeding 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The molten glass is then formed into shapes, hand-trimmed and individually sanded to its final form. This careful artistry gives each tile both a professional finish and a handcrafted appeal.

Walker Zanger Studio’s glass assortment includes field tile and mosaics with a Carrara marble look in oval, mini hexagon, chevron and herringbone patterns. The durable nature of glass and the neutral color palette make this collection a seamless fit for practically any environment.

In addition to the recycled glass, the Walker Zanger Studio collection also offers natural stone, ceramic and cement -- over 30 tile options in total. The collection was launched in April to appeal to a new wave of homeowners and designers who want Walker Zanger’s high-quality, authentic tile at affordable prices.