The Nanjing Suning Zhongshan International Golf Hotel, designed as an elegant manor, integrates perfectly with Nanjing’s current urban scenario. 

The city, known as the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, has been enriched with new architectural projects: a sort of intersection between east and west.

The project is realized by the Hong Kong Zhengzhong Design Office, founded by designer JOE CHENG (郑忠), and expresses an exceptional interior design expertise in every part of the building.

From the moment you arrive, walking under the well-tended trees, you can admire the sober and luxurious feel of the European-style structure and savor its peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.

The hotel, surrounded by nature with an unrepeatable landscape, has a one-of-a-kind golf course.

In the hall entrance, sophisticated chandeliers hang from the golden ceiling and impressive bookcases cover part of the walls. The materials, from the walls to the furnishings, are incredibly precious.

Sicis created a delightful octagonal reception in artistic mosaic, a technique where the mosaic masters choose and cut the tesserae one by one to compose the decoration. The Italian company’s tiny tiles are in gold, platinum and glass in black shades, a work of art that blends with the ambiences’ complexity.

Classic and other Art Deco details from the 1930s skillfully intersperse and combine with innovative elements and shapes.

The aim was to bring the memory of a historically significant city and the warmth of a home into all of the architectural complex.

Even the lifts were created in artistic mosaic always by Sicis, in abstract and three-dimensional decorations. Other elements such as the handles leading to the dining and relaxation areas were elaborated in minute gold mosaic. These were also created with the artistic mosaic technique, but in this case, the tesserae are cut into even smaller shapes, giving life to components equal to real jewels.

The mosaics and the other parts, developed by Sicis, have a customized design to ensure that they integrate with each room and its desired motif.