HACKETTSTOWN, NJ -- The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), the authority on all things residential kitchen and bath, has successfully “leveled-up” 363 AKBDs to CKBD and 64 CKBDs to CMKBD since the program’s start in June 2020. The NKBA’s industry leading certification program was reimagined last summer to give it better focus, emphasize its significance and maintain its high value. The program was created after an analysis of the AKBD program proved that gaps needed to be addressed to guarantee the continued high value of certification.

As a result, it was determined that as of February 2021, the AKBD exam would no longer be available for purchase. Anyone who previously purchased the package will be permitted to take the exam through August 31, 2021. Students will be able to take the test through the end of this year. The AKBD Certification will be phased out and to be replaced with a window of opportunity to level-up to CKBD.

“A critical part of NKBA’s mission is to ensure that its continuing education and professional development programs serve its membership and industry-at-large in the best way possible,” said Suzie Williford, NKBA executive vice president and chief strategy officer. “The Level-Up program gives our certified designers a recognized advantage in their skillset, as well as another tool in their marketing efforts. It also drives home the point to the rest of the design community, as well as consumers, that when they see those letters after a name, that member has mastered key principles of design, mechanics and technical acuity.”

While the program was initially free of charge during a promotional period, the cost to level up to a CKBD is now $599, while the cost to level up to CMKBD is $459. Visit the NKBA Certification page website for additional details.

NKBA’s Certification Program will continue to be evaluated and enhanced to meet current industry standards and include a focus on practical design knowledge.