Rosenheim, a beautiful town in Upper Bavaria, Germany that is located between verdant mountains and not far from the shores of Lake Chiemsee, is a renowned tourist resort and an important commercial district.

Being in the area, it is impossible not to stop at one of the delicious gourmet restaurants in the city. In addition to local specialties and typical Bavarian cuisine, there are also Italian restaurants and pizzerias. Like Giuseppe and Amici, where the Italian spirit is wisely combined with Bavarian hospitality. And the interiors are also Italian, in particular those of Sicis. The Italian company carried out the design project for the Rosenheim restaurants and café, from the mosaic walls and Vetrite slabs to the tables and armchairs to accessories such as paintings and lighting.

Slate, sage and powder blue are the predominant shades in the Gillitzer Restaurant, where velvets, Vetrite, wood and glass blend elegantly in the different elements that draw the ambiences. Some walls are in artistic Flower Power mosaic, and the splendid Shades portraits enliven the others.

Kunstmühle restaurant

Inside the restaurant, the scene is dominated by the backlit Gem Glass bar counter and the artistic mosaic walls. Each detail is perfectly harmonized in colors and patterns with the furnishing.

Café Kunstmühle

An incredible sea of flowers -- that’s how Sicis dubbed this majestic artistic mosaic, placed on the main wall of the Kunstmühle café. Seventeen meters of roses, dahlias, peonies and butterflies that delight customers during breakfasts and snacks.