This villa by JM Architecture - Jacopo Mascheroni is a single-family home located in a quiet neighborhood in Geneva, Switzerland. It consists of two floors above ground level and a basement. Its floors and walls are tiled with Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles from the Basaltina Pantelleria, Pietre Etrusche Manciano, Cemento Cassero and Cemento Rasato Bianco collections (60 x 120 cm) and the Basaltina Linosa collection (45 x 90 cm). 

The two levels above ground feature thin black and white frames, while white sunken patios bring air and natural light to the basement. Each frame defines a specific space and is clad with porcelain stoneware tiles and aluminium panels on a ventilated facade. The design and depth of these frames help control heat during the summer, preventing the sun from entering the interiors, which are not equipped with air conditioning, but only controlled mechanical ventilation.

The south facade features two stacked black frames that are 3.5 meters deep, outlining the kitchen and living area on the ground floor and the bedrooms’ terrace on the first floor. The white frames, on the other hand, outline the four single-bay rooms, improving their privacy.

Every space in the basement overlooks a sunken patio covered with white aluminium panels and surrounded by transparent glass parapets to maximise natural light. These patios have different sizes and intended uses and can be accessed through the same sliding doors as those installed on the upper floors. The pool patio features a Jacuzzi and a macro bonsai, whereas the study’s patio features lush vegetation around a little pond.

The kitchen, living area and bedrooms occupy the southern side of the villa, while horizontal and vertical circulation develops on the northern side. All of the bathrooms on the upper floor receive natural light through windows and skylights. On the north side, vertical louvres screen the entrance hall to ensure privacy.

This Geneva villa meets the highest standards of energy efficiency. A geothermal system and solar and photovoltaic panels produce domestic hot water and operate the heat pump. The villa’s high-performance envelope features double glazing and thermally insulated ventilated facades. And a buried rainwater harvesting tank serves the garden irrigation system.