Less than two months after the reopening of the gaming rooms, there are already excellent attendance levels in the beautiful Venice Casino of Ca ‘Noghera. The success of this little Las Vegas is also due to the renovation and expansion of the structure, partially completed during the COVID-19 lockdown, which transformed the area into an incredibly welcoming and pleasant place.

In addition to the avant-garde game rooms, charming lounge bar areas have been added.

These have been entirely designed and furnished by Sicis, with innovative systems and materials of significant aesthetic impact.

The bar area is made entirely of backlit Vetrite, from the walls to the ceiling and the side doors seem to project us into a lounge of a luxury Miami hotel.

A peculiar and sophisticated ambience where to enjoy a cocktail in total relaxation surrounded by an effervescent allure.

The equipped bar counter has a front in Diamond mosaic, in a geometric pattern due to the tiles, reminiscent of the texture of the precious fabric. The stools of the Amaretto collection, with soft velvet in chromatic combination, accompany the counter.

The allure created by this splendid lounge does not end here. The adjacent environment is divided into three different sections and has been enriched with Amaretto small tables and armchairs. The background is always “wow-like,” thanks to a custom-made combination of artistic mosaic and Vetrite glass panels.

Sicis can become an exceptional protagonist in creating welcoming areas of this type thanks to the materials and special processing of the mosaic and Vetrite and the whole ideas of bar furniture and distinctive furnishings that can convey elegance, an attractive beauty formula and appealing atmospheres.