In Villarrobledo, Albacete, this single-family house is located on a single floor in search of comfort and efficiency, a place to enjoy.

The architectural studio, Buhoblanco arquitectos, created this project with temperance and minimum expression to achieve a home with maximum functionality and efficiency.

The goal was to create architecture that makes a city or a village, above individuality and outlandish designs.

The composition of the facade is generated through a play of vertical volumes that blend harmoniously with the paving, as Cerámica Mayor’s Stromboli Light blends in perfectly with the neutral colors that can be seen throughout the space.

A white gravel walkway, together with the same Stromboli Light tiles from the courtyard, give personality to the entrance of the house.

The good connection between inside and outside allows a greater enjoyment of the house. In Mesura, the whole day area has been arranged to the good orientation and overlooking the main courtyard, the front courtyard.

Despite its small size, a charming swimming pool always makes summer more enjoyable. The same ceramic material, the color Stromboli Light by Cerámica Mayor, is used for the patio and swimming pool cladding for the gratings, pool surround, steps, paving and pool wall cladding. A fully integrated space.

At dusk, the play of light and shadow transmits the same sensation as in the morning: warmth and relaxation. The neutral finishes offered by Cerámica Mayor star collection are ideal for timeless spaces.