FIORANO MODENESE, ITALY -- Elegant and versatile highly polished “bricks” that, in the wake of ceramic tradition, reinterpret the theme of handmade from new perspectives. This is how one could sum up Materici, the new and eclectic collection that Sartoria, the Terratinta Group brand dedicated to handcrafting and color, presents for the launch of its 2022 catalogue.

The brand from Fiorano Modenese continues its development by proposing ever different and trendy solutions. Materici is no exception, where present and past blend to create glazed porcelain stoneware surfaces with surprising chromatic effects and plays of light.

Characterized by the imperfections typical of handmade majolica, these glossy “bricks” lend themselves to a wide range of floor and wall laying schemes.

The palette consists of neutral shades such as Latte, Argilla, Cannella, Visone and Pepe, alongside deeper tones such as Foresta, Stagno and Cedro. The surface, characterized by a multiplicity of different shades, the brilliance of the glaze and the imperfect edges, lends itself to use in combination with materials of natural inspiration, to create distinctive atmospheres that give a new interpretation of traditional ceramics, highlighting its design versatility.

As always in its young tradition, Terratinta Group confirms a comprehensive vision of design in which the proposals of the different brands combine perfectly with each other to create personal and unique living universes.