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ESC-150 Miter Cutting Kit

by Alpha® Tools

TILE 0422 Featured Products ESC-150 Miter Cutting Kit

The ESC-150 Miter Cutting Kit from Alpha has the new ESC-150 Electric Stone Cutter that is equipped with a powerful motor capable cutting 1 1/4-inch (3cm) stone slabs in one pass. It comes with two carriage assemblies (ASC-6CSM) to fit on any of the guide rails in the included set to provide a portable miter cutting solution. It also contains two Eclipse II blades (DEE006) and surface protection tape. This system can cut 1 1/4-inch (3cm) materials with ease and is perfect for making precise miter cuts for the perfect lamination.

SuperiorBilt® Premium Notch Trowels

by Custom Building Products

TILE 0422 Featured Products SuperiorBilt Premium Notch Trowels

SuperiorBilt Premium Notch Trowels from Custom Building Products deliver the increased mortar coverage that is critical for success with large-format tiles. The patented notch pattern promotes ridge collapse and evacuation of air to remove voids beneath the tile. This design assists in achieving up to 100% wet mortar transfer for required coverage and helps prevent tile breakage. Premium Notch Trowels are heavy-duty for years of service, will not rust and are available in three sizes based on tile dimensions.

M-D Smart Tool

by M-D Pro

TILE 0422 Featured Products M-D Pro Smart Tool

M-D SmartTool™ Digital Levels with custom patented sensor technology offer exceptional accuracy for pros. Available in 24-, 48- and 72-inch lengths, these digital levels are perfect for door frames, long spans, concrete forms, drainage and application specific formulas. All levels are IP65 Certified Water & Dustproof and come equipped with a backlit display for high visibility, guided calibration functionality and five instant angle conversion modes.

The MK-101-24 Tile Saw

by MK Diamond

TILE 0422 Featured Products MK-101-24 Tile Saw

MK Diamond Products offers the MK-101-24 wet cutting tile saw, which is an affordable 10-inch tile saw that provides a 24-inch length of cut.

Features include:

  • Multi-position motor post and cutting head for convenient cutting of various tile sizes
  • Variable height cutting head allows for plunge cuts
  • Accommodates 6- and 8-inch profile wheels
  • Blade shaft lock for easy blade removal
  • Length of cut: 24 inches
  • Diagonally cuts 18 inches
  • Depth of cut: 3 inches
  • Made in the USA

Proleveling System and Proleveling Wedges System

by Progress Profile

TILE 0422 Featured Products Proleveling Wedges System

Proleveling System and Proleveling Wedges System allow you to keep under control the alignment of tiles, guaranteeing maximum accuracy and great results. The first system is patented to get a quick and easy work thanks to the transparency and the punctures of the rotating pommel cap and to avoid lippage. The elements of the second system provide many advantages, including the direct attachment of spacers onto the base, a greater adhesion surface between the adhesive and the tile, a specific color

DataGrabber Data Loggers Accessories for Use with Rapid RH L6 Concrete Moisture Test

by Wagner Meters

TILE 0422 Featured Products Wagner Meters

If you are looking for automated reading and reporting, you will want to augment your Rapid RH L6 basic kit with the DataGrabber, which will give added credibility to your data reporting. The DataGrabbers engage the L6 Smart Sensor to collect and store concrete RH and temperature readings according to a time interval set with the DataMaster L6 app. The DataGrabber with Bluetooth connects directly with the DataMaster L6 app, while the smaller DataGrabber connects to the DataMaster L6 app through the Total Reader.

Fundo Ligno Shower Kit

by wedi

TILE 0422 Featured Products Wedi Ligno Kit

Homeowners and builders increasingly favor shower spaces that can function without a curb, or would not require any build-up over existing floor areas resulting in a step-up into the shower. wedi’s Fundo Ligno Shower Kit offers everything you need to install a curbless and floor even shower that is fully waterproof and ready for tiling, including a customizable shower base, building panels, sealant and accessories. Optionally, the Fundo Ligno recess installation kit is available to help lower the subfloor between floor joists safely.

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