The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) announced that the National Tile Contractors.

Association (NTCA) is prepared to financially support CTEF through another $10,000 matching grant campaign this year. 

Last year, this campaign helped CTEF continue to function despite the unknowns of the pandemic; this year the campaign will go toward additional educational, and testing needs to meet the demands of the industry. 

“CTEF must do more to address the needs for certification and education in the industry”, says Brad Denny, CTEF executive director. “The demand coming out of the pandemic, pace of the economy, and needs of the installation community necessitate we invest in our capabilities in South Carolina and explore how to take more of what we do there on the road. The NTCA matching grant will be a huge benefit for CTEF and will quickly turn into a benefit for the industry.” 

More specifically, CTEF plans the following: 

  • Adding more “Understanding and Installing Ceramic Tile” and “Mortar Shower Base and 

Waterproofing” classes that have become hugely popular and quickly fill up. 

  • Building new modules over the summer. 
  • Reorganizing the outbuildings at the CTEF training facility in Pendleton, SC, to house new ACT and CTI test modules. 
  • Creating a fully functioning permanent testing space. 

Additionally, CTEF requires more resources to develop programming (training and certification) around the country rather than primarily in Pendleton, SC. 

To offset these expenses, NTCA has offered a $10,000 matching cash grant to CTEF, where NTCA will match dollar-for-dollar all donations received, up to $10,000, doubling the impact of CTEF’s fundraising efforts. If CTEF can raise $10,000 through the generosity of those interested in the success of the tile industry, that $10,000 will become $20,000. 

“Given the challenges that COVID put in our path in 2020 and 2021, it’s an amazing opportunity to go beyond existing and fulfilling the CTEF mission, to making more educational and testing options available to benefit the tile industry,” says Scott Carothers, CTEF director of certification and training. 

The NTCA has supported both the residential and commercial tile contractor since 1947. The renewed matching grant program is another example of the organization’s commitment to the tile industry as it proudly celebrates 75 years of tile contractor support this year. 

“The tile industry has a long history of giving back,” states Bart Bettiga, executive director of NTCA. “In fact, that’s how CTEF came to be. With this matching grant, NTCA demonstrates our ongoing commitment to helping the tile industry become even better than it already is and ensuring that CTEF’s critical work educating and certifying tile installation professionals continues.” 

“We invite you to participate in the NTCA matching grant and encourage every member of your 

community of family and friends to do the same. Thank you in advance for your consideration and generosity,” adds Carothers. 

To participate in the NTCA Matching Grant program, simply go to