ALIQUIPPA, PA -- The FCICA, the Flooring Contractors Association, and ARDEX Americas, are pleased to announce the Bruce Newbrough Memorial Certified Installation Manager Program (CIM) Scholarship was awarded to Deidre Eues, of La Mesa Carpet & Linoleum in La Mesa, CA.  

Ms. Eues is currently working as a General Manager overseeing both residential and commercial sales and installations. She sees the CIM Program as "a great opportunity for formalized training and a way to increase opportunities for growth and success" in the commercial flooring industry. "A CIM certificate would give me more opportunities as a female who loves construction." In addition to the CIM Program, she is also working towards her C15 Flooring License. Ms. Eues expressed her gratitude for the scholarship and is looking forward to getting started. 

The Scholarship was established to provide educational opportunities to floor covering Installation Managers who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to and excellence in proper substrate preparation and installation of floor covering. Named after Bruce Newbrough, former ARDEX director of technical services and later working in applications development, tirelessly utilized every opportunity to further his vision and passion for industry education and training on proper substrate preparation, all for the purpose of achieving successful installations. It covers the cost of the full Certified Installation Manager (CIM) Program including application, content and assessment fees. 

About the Certified Installation Manager (CIM) Program

The Certified Installation Manager (CIM) Program sets the industry standard for those involved in the management of commercial flooring projects. The Program provides video training modules led by experts who speak from years of floor covering experience. Paired with assessments to confirm the educational training gained, the modules enhance the qualified flooring professional’s core skill set, experience and knowledge base necessary to successfully manage commercial flooring projects. Individuals who reach this level of expertise will be easily distinguished by their achievement of the Certified Installation Manager (CIM) designation. For more information about the CIM Program, go to