iQ Power Tools, manufacturer of premium power tools with integrated dust collection systems, has addressed a need, bringing to market a new 16.5-inch blade for its iQMS362 saw. This has been specifically engineered to cut harder concrete products with a mix of abrasive and hard aggregates at a PSI range of 7000+.

This new blade incorporates the latest in diamond technology, featuring an M-Segment Design to improve blades speed while cutting hard material. With a special formulated soft bond matrix to increase cutting speed while exposing diamonds at a proper rate to cut through the hardest materials. 

Blade features:

  • Q-Drive® Arbor
  • M Segment Design
  • Soft Bond matrix for hard material
  • Designed to maximize blade speed
  • Blade will also fit on a 1 inch standard arbor

iQ’s “Cool Cut Technology” is a proprietary composition of diamond concentration, metal type that cuts cool while reducing vibration and movement. This technology, combined with the built-in vacuum keeps the blade cool during cutting, reducing warping and wandering. Most noticeably, the blade actually stays cool to the touch.

“iQ Power Tools listens to the market and strives to provide problem-solving tools,” commented Paul Guth, iQ’s president of product development. “We’re excited to add another blade to the iQMS362 high-performance blade range giving our customers more options to get their jobs done. With the iQMS362 Saw and its new 16.5-inch blade, they can easily DRY cut hard materials; eliminating the water and eliminating the mess saving time and money!