JACKSON, MS – The National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) will offer a free webinar on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 entitled “Grouts: The Tattletales of Grout Installation.” Sponsored by Ardex, William White, field marketing specialist for Ardex Tile & Stone Installation Systems, will give the presentation. White is an industry veteran of 30 years; working in tile and stone installation as well as slab stone fabrication and installation.

Besides the tile itself, grout is the signature and most visible part of a tile and stone installation. Therefore, most complaints are grout complaints. Color is not right, joints crack, grout gets dirty, and the list goes on. There are many variables that can cause complaints from poor substrate preparation, the cleaning of the grout, the type of tile, and the environment where the tile is installed. This webinar will cover the various types of grouts available today and their benefits. It will also focus on ways to help tile contractors avoid grout complaints and callbacks. To register, visit: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/925707856634212700.