A luxury office space in Beverly Hills, CA, was recently completed with an integration of materials, including porcelain tile and natural stone. The design was the vision of Christopher Grubb of Beverly Hills-based Arch-Interiors Design Group, who worked closely with the owners of the real estate development/management firm to achieve their desired goals for the workspace.

“It was a really fun project,” said Grubb. “It was interesting because it started pre-pandemic in concept, which was a blessing because they did have people going into the office [during that time] so they had a new open space.”

Grubb went on to explain that it is a family owned business of three brothers. “I have actually worked with all three,” he said. “It is a really great family. I have known them for years, working on their homes and other investment properties. Each of them has their own taste and ideas. Fortunately, they trust me after all of these years. I could take ‘likes’ from each one of them -- similar to designing for a couple. I want people to see themselves in the design and never feel like they compromised.”

The design process was a true collaboration. “[The owners] had opinions about what they like, but we did enough concepts so they knew where it was going,” explained Grubb. “They liked what I came back with. They like something unexpected.”

A striking element contributing to the clean and chic aesthetic of the office space is a custom conference table with a top fabricated from white marble. “We echoed that on the reception desk,” said Grubb. “You can see into the conference room from the reception area.

“Conceptually, I wanted stone and they were on board with it right away,” the designer went on to explain. “We have a blessing here in LA. You can go into the Valley and there are many stone yards where we can actually shop and pick out [what we want].” 

The designer explained that there is natural wood on a wall in the conference room, which rolled onto the ceiling so it gives a feeling of warmth. “It’s very much modern, but has these natural pieces to it so it is not cold,” he said.

For flooring throughout the commercial design, Grubb opted for large-format white porcelain tiles with a gloss finish. “Originally, I wanted the full 5- x 10-foot slab on the floor, but we could not get it up the staircase so we had to cut it to 5 x 5 x 5 feet, and it looks fantastic. It is really a beautiful gloss when you walk in the reception area -- almost liquid.”

Grubb, as well as his clients, are very pleased with the final result. “We have a lot of white in the space,” he said. “It is natural and crisp. I love how it turned out.”