FRANKLIN, TN -- Atlas Concorde USA, an Italian designed, American made porcelain and ceramic tile manufacturer introduces, Cove Terra, a solid color concrete-look porcelain tile collection. Drawing from the beauty of nature-inspired colors and organic materials, the new collection feature rich pigments, highly textural surfaces and contemporary shapes and sizes. Ideal for use in residential, commercial or hospitality applications. Cove Terra supports the continued focus on materials and spaces that enhance comfort, serenity and wellbeing.

Celebrating the world’s most ancient building materials, raw earth and clay, the new Cove Terra porcelain tile collection represents a range of colors and possibilities for beautiful design in harmony with nature. With a look and feel reminiscent of old-world pottery, the solid surface brings vibrant pigments and a pleasantly smooth texture to contemporary applications. As a result, customers can achieve a tranquil balance between the ancient and modern world, as well as the natural and built environment. Cove Terra is offered in nine different neutral and accent colors, including a deep denim blue and jade green that extend a restorative energy into a space. Two new mosaics and coordinating trim pieces complete the extensive collection, allowing for seamless design across surfaces.    

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