Island Stone, manufacturer of handcrafted stone and glass tile, is bringing a modern take to the classic, beloved penny tile. Stone Mosaics Penny Rounds refresh the retro look with the dramatic appearance of the company’s marble mosaics first popularized by the Spindrift Marble pattern. Stone Mosaics Penny Rounds feature the timeless ¾-inch tiles in the traditional offset pattern, while the distinct nature of the stone adds a truly unique aesthetic.
Stone Mosaics Penny Rounds are offered in three honed stones, each having a personality of its own. Nebula ranges from light gray to rich, darker graphite tones, highlighted by distinct crystalline veining, which creates a bold look to the clean circular mosaics. Tempest features dramatic flowing tones of charcoal to black stone with bold linear striations and natural patterning that brings a breathtaking look to this darker-hued stone. The classic marble known as Carrara rounds out the palette with a light touch of color. Carrara features shades of soft white with feathery grey veining, a favorite stone to add luxury to any installation.

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