The Evolution Collection captures the appeal of exotic stones in a modern blend of groundbreaking patterns.  The Evolution Collection includes two patterns, Precipice (pictured above) and Interwoven, each offering unique dimensional personalities that accentuate depth and shadows, allowing for different appearances due to light and shadowing effects. Lighting can enhance the look and create a beautiful focal point for any accent wall, fireplace, pool or water feature.  

“The Evolution Collection stays true to our core design ethos—innovative, distinctive-yet-timeless designs in simply beautiful natural stones,” said Nigel Eaton, CEO of Island Stone.

In addition, Island Stone is expanding the stones options available in “Mini Split,” their scaled-down ledger panel designed to create a subtle, sophisticated textured stone surface. The three new options include the bright hues of “Moonlit” and “Alabaster” as well as the sparkling, dark “Charcoal Glint” stone. Mini Split is an ideal option for creating an understated and elegant natural backdrop to any interior or exterior space.

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