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Like millions of others, I too am a “Mad Men” fan, not only for it’s well-written script, but also for the set design, the clothing, but mostly, I like it for the attitude. I’ve always thought I was born in the wrong decade – this show cinched it for me.

Jayne Mansfield's heart-shaped tub.
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While searching for a suitable image of a bathroom representing the 60s, I quickly realized that blue and pink were the fashionable colors, and I use the word fashionable very loosely here.

Don’t get me wrong, blue and pink are great colors – for newborns. I wonder if the pink theme resulted from Jayne Mansfield’s Beverly Hills, CA, residence, aptly named the “Pink Palace.”

Kalebodur’s Cube and Dot Collections (shown is “Dot”)

As editor ofTILE Magazine, I’ve seen more bathroom images than I care to count. Here are a couple recent releases that stand out, at least for me:

Lea's Slimtech

Growing up, our bathroom floors consisted of a hexagonal mish-mash pattern of linoleum. The sole purpose of tile, at least in our house, was to strategically define/confine the shower area. And don’t even get me started on the reflective/floral wall paper that could singe your hair if the sunlight hit it in just the right spot. I’m sure if my parent’s had the funds, they would have changed things quite a bit. Both were from Turkey and were accustomed to having tile throughout the home, and not just on the floors.

Thankfully, over the years, American consumers have realized the advantages of tile use outside of the proverbial box (bathroom). With the rise in handmade and artistic tile studios, even a basic white tile could become eye candy with one-of-a-kind pieces and mosaic installations adorning it.

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