Claire Isobella Fasan

After a long hiatus- Due to the arrival of my daughter, the patti-tile blog and @Tile_Trends on Twitter are Active again!

So it has been a while since I have chimed in on the old blog. The reason for this is simple- you may or may not know but I have recently had my first child. The little time I have after all my work commitments and travel dates has been taken up and then some by my wife and daughter’s needs during the past 3 months. Something had to give and unfortunately, that was my time blogging and on twitter. I’m a do it right or don’t bother kind of guy so I threw myself into daddydom with gusto and by the same token, decided it was preferable to leave writing alone completely rather than post halfhearted entries. But I am back and happy to report wife and baby are both doing great and settling in to our new life together.

As any other parent knows, life changes dramatically with your first child.- mostly for the better. I know my life is infinitely better with my daughter in it! What many parents tend to gloss over though is that your bundle of joy is going to put you through the proverbial crucible and test you and your spouse to the limit. I started thinking, shortly into little miss Claire Isobella Fasan’s first week of life, that having a new baby is much like living through a full scale DIY renovation. Trust a self professed tile junkie to find a correlation between my life and something in the design/build industry. So that will be my return blog post- Why having a baby is like renovating your house… while living in it… and doing most of the work yourself.

It also gives me an ironclad excuse to throw in a couple pictures of my little monster… I may have daddy goggles but I think she’s gorgeous.